Plus63’s designers, Jo and Rax, are currently in Cagayan de Oro for 1 week to help facilitate a workshop on Disaster Preparedness in partnership with Japan Foundation.

"The objective of the workshop is to develop a program that can help the children of CDO prepare better in the event of a calamity. We (Plus63) were tapped by Japan Foundation to help them brand the program as a whole."

–Jo and Rax

Connect Disconnect
by Aaron Palileo
Published by 5 Ports

We recently designed the book Connect Disconnect a book by Aaron Palileo. The book presents effective creativity tools and techniques to generate new opportunities for businesses and organizations.

Most of the images are from 5 Ports’ Facebook Page. We’ll post proper folio shots soon. :)

Connect Disconnect is now available at Fullybooked.

The Back Alley Gift Coin

Back Alley Barbershop is one of our favorite clients in the studio. We designed their brand identity when they launched. As part of their ongoing promotion we designed and created their own version of gift vouchers: the Back Alley Gift Coin. :)

Once you redeem the GC, Back Alley will pop the coin out and collect them. It’s a fun and interactive design solution to simple requirement.


Meet our 3rd batch of interns:



Addi Panadero
UP College of Fine Arts

My choice to send my CV only to Plus63 was very risky.  Had I not been chosen, I would’ve scrambled to find other companies to intern in. Luckily, I was picked, and a leap of faith that I could’ve easily regretted turned out to be one of the most fruitful risks I’ve ever taken. 

It was not me being sure that I would get chosen. In fact, I had already been doubting if my dream company would see potential in me. I’m very grateful that they did, and at the end of the internship, I’ve become more validated. Validated that as long as I continue pushing  myself further in what I do, I could go places. Borrowing a quote from Dan, talking about illustration, ‘it’s not about the style, it’s about the story’ – and in the same way, I’d like to think that what makes great illustrators and designers (like the ones I got to work with #sipsip) even greater is the story of how they got to where they are now.

My greatest takeaway from this whole experience is not the talks that we were given, nor the small tips that we got to learn, nor the small field trips we got to have. It was all the free food and movies – just kidding. In all seriousness, my greatest takeaway is getting to work with and learn from such a genuinely fun and inspiring group of people which taught me that you could never go wrong with design with good vibes.

Craig Halili
UP College of Fine Arts

To have been accepted as an intern for plus63 design co. has been one of the greatest privileges in my life, but to have met Dan, Dang, Berns, Rax and Jo was one of the greatest honors I could have received. This summer of 2014 was one of the most exciting, most demanding, but also the most rewarding of my life.

I remember the first few awkward days in the office, each of us interns quietly doing our own thing while listening to Sir Dan’s favorite song played over and over again from his desk. I remember each day we were there, that at least one of our mentors would teach us a little something just to get the ball rolling. From copywriting from Dang, to business-mind-savvyness from Berns, to design/fashion chorva from Rax and Jo, each day spent in the office for me was a blessing.

Now that it’s all over, and we have been quietly set free into the world, I just want to give my sincere thanks to the people of Plus63. Thank you for not letting me become a bum this summer. Hope to see all of you, and work with you someday.

Mia Lagos
Information Design, Ateneo De Manila University

The first time I visited Plus63 was when my professor took our class to have a quick tour around the studio. The studio really was an ideal workplace for designers. The shelves were stacked with books, magazines and other design-related materials. It was like a mini library for designers; a good place to start looking for inspiration and ideas. They had whiteboards (that were full of post-its) used for their brainstorming sessions. I particularly liked the black pillar that was filled with chalk art. Overall, the studio emitted good vibes, which is what Plus63 is known for. It was the kind of working environment that I’d like to be in. During that time I was crossing my fingers, hoping that I would be accepted as an intern, so it was a pleasant surprise when Dan told me that I got in.

My whole stay at Plus63 actually went by pretty quickly after the first week of “settling in.” Within a month and a half, I’ve learned a lot of things about what it’s like to be a professional designer. I realized that there were a lot of things that should be taken into consideration when we get clients in the future, or if and when we want to start our own design studio. We also had a branding competition against the interns of Vgrafiks. That was actually the most challenging part of this whole internship, but it was definitely something I was proud of. We didn’t win, but I was really happy with the product of our efforts. My fellow interns were great illustrators, and we managed to keep the designs of our product look consistent, even if we each had our own styles. This competition proved to be a good learning experience for me, especially for my thesis defense and future client presentations. At the end of the internship, we had a quick portfolio review; this exercise taught us how to present our works to a client. The piece of advice that I would always take to heart is that I should keep doing designs for things that I’m passionate about. You produce more “portfolio-worthy” works when you really love what you’re doing.

Aside from the projects and talks, I really had fun whenever we just hung out. Whether it was a field trip, a movie or simply having lunch in Katipunan, there was never a dull moment with the Plus63 family. Thanks to this internship, my summer was fun, productive and unforgettable.

Tim Lopez
Information Design, Ateneo De Manila University

Interning for Plus 63 was a really insightful experience for me. I’m really thankful for our great supervisors. Really great people, and they’re just about as talented as how nice they were! Naturally it was awkward at first and intimidating almost. This was my first glimpse into the professional designer/graphic artist world. I never really knew what to expect, or what we were going to do exactly. 

It was really great of Plus 63 to give us interns those talks and activities. We had field trips, weekly journals, and even a small inter-intern branding contest against another studio. I learned a lot from these, and you could tell by the way everyone treated us that they genuinely wanted us interns to be ready for the big world. When I graduate, I know now that I won’t just be blindly diving into yuppie life headfirst. I mean I may not know everything already but, I feel more equipped now, and more at ease with myself and the art universe after interning. 

I’m really thankful for being given the opportunity to intern for Plus 63. I grew as a person and as a designer/illustrator/artist/etc, watched movies, ate rad food, had fun, made new friends, and caught those good vibes they keep spreading. I’d love to be able to intern for them again, but more than that I’d love to be able to have interns of my own someday and inspire and help them the way Plus 63’s inspired and helped me. 

PdP's HOHOL @ Craft Katipunan


Punchdrunk Panda is a Filipino retail graphic design brand that aims to rid the world of the bland and the boring by funkifying the world in collaboration with like-minded creatives through functional graphic-designed products. We love creating unique and awesomely Pinoy-made products that…

Dan, Jo, and Rax designed some camera straps for Punchdrunk Panda. Do check them out! :)

Learn more about this year’s budget and the budget process.



We worked with the communications and design team of DBM (Department of Budget and Management) for this years People’s Budget. It was really nice working with them as they were very open to our ideas and design direction.

From DBM:
"For the past months, the national Budget has been pushed to the forefront of the Filipino’s collective consciousness. But really, how does the national government allocate each and every centavo from our taxpayers? 

In the latest version of the People’s Budget, we illustrate the steps in creating and implementing the national Budget every year. ”

Download the 2014 People’s Budget at:

Design Team:
Dan Matutina, Joanna Malinis & Raxenne Maniquiz