We’re so excited to share this project. :) Apart from doing client work, we also love doing social initiatives in the studio. The Plus63 Design Co.Mission is one of those projects. We are commissioning different design studios to work on a brief for Education, Culture & Arts, and Health.

You can download the PDF of the Handbook HERE.

Design Co.Mission is a passion project of Plus63 Design Co., a creative studio with a goal to make design matter. We conceptualized this project because we want people to be inspired with new ideas, connect with fellow designers who produce exciting work, and get government onboard to launch these solutions.

Design Co.Mission is a channel for designers to present ideas that can positively impact the way we live. We commission creatives with design challenges on how to improve public services, present new solutions, and strengthen branding - to make what we feel is important not only matter to a select few, but to also change people’s experiences for the better.

Hope you guys like it. :) The presentation of the works will be on August 3, 2013 at the Ayala Museum. If you want to get updates, kindly subscribe to our mailing list.

We would like to thank Starbucks and the Ayala Museum for supporting this project. Yey!

Design & Good Vibes,
Plus63 Design Co.